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In 1988, we welcomed our first Golden, Spike…I know, not the name anyone would affiliate with a Golden, but he was named from the daughter of the breeder, and we just couldn’t disappoint her!

Bill and I learned quickly about what it is to have this special breed; kind, loving, and most of all dedicated to the owner.  Spikey, as we lovingly called him was a true tribute to the breed and the breed that I have come to love so passionately. He was with me when my mom passed away in a car accident and gave me strength through those months when I couldn’t think I could go on.  He passed away at age 12, but he remains in my heart every day.  I love you my Spikey boy!

Our next Golden was Daisy which came on the scene when Spikey was three and she was a mushroom hunter…okay…emergency vet visit at 10 weeks!  Finally got her off that!  She was our first girl and so special…I would take her to agility classes and she loved it so much.  Another bonding experience for me…I miss her terribly…she passed away at 11 years from cancer.

Then came along Ben…my “heart dog” paralyzed at five months; we took him to UPENN for diagnosis.  He had an infection caused by Neospora which in normal dogs    has no side effects but sometimes the immune system is compromised.  This is can come from various factors.  Ben is doing great; we do routine testing for titer levels and administer drugs when he has a flare up.  Sometimes, the multiple vaccinations can cause the immune system to become compromised.  Since my Ben’s ordeal, I no longer give vaccinations in multiples. Talk to your veterinarian about scheduling vaccinations and give Rabies as a separate vaccination from parvo/distemper.

On to OUR girl Emmy…what a girl…so sweet…so smart…and so happy!  Emmy is our sweetest, most spoiled girl…and our first Champion. She is following in the footsteps of Daisy as QUEEN!  You Emmy are the total dog, when people come to visit they want to steal you away from us…NO WAY!

Our newest star is “Shine’ my totally spoiled puppy.  He is a big blonde boy who is now a Champion…son of my boy “Harley” who I co-own with Barbara and David Brown of Tempo Goldens.

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